Dr. Lauren Dade Ph.D., C.Psych.


Dr. Lauren Dade is a registered psychologist in the areas of Neuropsychology, Health and School psychology. She has a history of training and work in rehabilitation, as well as a previous degree in Occupational Therapy. Her areas of research have focused on understanding brain functioning through assessment, as well as brain imaging techniques. Dr. Dade received her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from McGill University in Montreal, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship focusing on brain and behaviour changes following brain injury, or due to dementia at the Rotman Research Institute. In addition to her interest in brain-behaviour relationships, she has had a longstanding interest in working with children and has pursued this through a postdoctoral fellowship in the Chronic Pain Clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, working with children and families coping with chronic pain issues. Dr. Dade was able to integrate her therapy and neuropsychological interests through her later work at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation (HBKR) Hospital, where she worked with children and families coping with brain injury, as well as with children with developmental concerns. In collaboration with her HBKR colleagues, she developed and implemented a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy intervention program for anxious children with learning challenges and/or physical disabilities, and their parents. In addition, through working for the Toronto District School Board, Dr. Dade has also expanded her skills into the area of school psychology, completing psycho-educational assessments including recommendations for how to support children who have learning issues. At Oshawa Psychological and Counselling Services, Dr. Dade is available to provide psychological and neuropsychological assessments to Adults, Adolescents, and Children, as well as therapy intervention to children and adolescents.