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Psycho-Education Intervention Program

The Learning Disabilities Psycho-Education Clinic at Oshawa Psychological & Counselling Services offers Psycho-Education Intervention to students with learning disabilities.

Psycho-Education Intervention is individualized to assist students with learning disabilities by targeting specific areas of need in cognitive and academic functioning (in reading, writing and mathematics). Based on the results of comprehensive psycho-educational assessments, our psychologist prepares an individualized program that targets identified needs in each student’s profile.

Intervention strategies utilize current research in cognitive processing, executive functioning, as well as research-based strategies in the learning and development of reading, writing and mathematics skills.

Each student receives systematic and structured remediation based on their assessed cognitive and learning profile. Support typically includes two sessions per week, periodic testing, and written reports generated at regular intervals.

When learning issues are properly addressed, students gain the ability to reach their full academic and lifelong potential.

What is the Difference Between Psycho-Education Intervention and Tutoring?
Tutoring typically focuses on teaching specific subject matter whereas Psycho-Education Intervention focuses on building the underlying processing or thinking skills that are needed in order for a student to learn in each subject area. These skills include cognitive domains such as memory, attention, processing speed, auditory and visual processing, and executive functioning.
Traditional tutoring assumes cognitive skills are in place and commonly uses traditional teaching methods to reach academic goals, without addressing specific underlying issues that might hinder learning.

While tutoring may be effective for students with mild learning impairments, Psycho-Education Intervention is most successful for students with moderate to severe learning disabilities. The goal of Psycho-Education Intervention is to build the fundamental learning skills that are necessary to help clients become more self-reliant, efficient learners.

What Results Can I Expect?
The goal of Psycho-Education Intervention is to provide specialized training so that the brain can learn to think and process information in more effective ways. Once students have a solid foundation, they can become comfortable and independent learners.

Psycho-Education Intervention is highly individualized and therefore the results will vary for each student. However, the majority of students significantly improve over the course of their sessions. This program serves as a great opportunity for students to dramatically increase their skills and reach milestones they never thought possible.

What is the Learning Process?
The first appointment consists of a comprehensive review of psychological assessments administered by a psychologist where the student’s individual needs are identified. Following this, recommendations and an intervention plan will be prepared.

Each student receives direct one-on-one instruction which allows for repetition and mastery of the concepts taught in a strategic and systematic method.

What is the Cost?
Intervention programs are tailored to meet very specific needs of each student. Therefore, the cost will vary due to the program requirements.

What is a Psycho-Education Interventionist?
A Psycho-Education Interventionist provides individualized intensive intervention, conducts formal and informal assessments of academic skills and utilizes specific, and when appropriate, alternative teaching strategies. He/she has extensive training in learning disabilities and other forms of learning difficulties, with additional training in psychology. Training also includes experience with intervention strategies specific to learning differences.

A Psycho-Education Interventionist works collaboratively with a psychologist to set goals and develop an intervention plan that addresses not only academic difficulties, but also psycho-educational aspects of life-long learning.

What is the time Commitment?
Depending on the severity of the learning needs, a student may require support for several months or several years. Some will need support throughout their entire academic career.

The student’s learning needs will determine the frequency and duration of sessions. Typically, parents can expect that students will receive Psycho-Educational Intervention for one hour, twice per week.

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